It’s so rare I get to see the follower count for this blog so even, how lovely!

Thank you all again for your wonderful support! Let’s keep spreading that monster love!


Blog I was recently informed about, check it out!

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Medusa and her blind boyfriend go out on their first date and he panics because he cant tell her she looks pretty so he says something really stupid like “I REALLY like snakes”




(i couldnt help myself okay) after that medusa talked about how snakes digest whole rodents and tiresias thought it was really weird but pretty cute (bonus points if u know tiresias’ myth bcuz lol snakes)



I saw this in my e-mail and couldn’t believe this blog was already 3 years old!

Thanks for all the support you guys, keep spreading the monster love! Happy Holidays!

It’s still really surprising how many people do the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge!

It’s cool it got this much popularity and helped so many people art-wise!

If I had known how big it would get, I would have taken more care wording it!

Still, very happy and surprised to see how many people still enjoy it! Just wanted to say~


Hey everyone! Today we broke 20k followers!

Holy Moly! It’s really hard to believe we’ve come this far— and we’re still growing!

It has been a pleasure running this blog, and it has been amazing watching the Monster Girl community grow on Tumblr thru the years!

I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful support you’ve shown me and the artists I showcase here!

I can only hope that I can continue to give artists the spotlight they deserve and spread the love with all Monster Girl fans!

Again, thank you all so so much! Happy Halloween everyone!

Hey all!

A Monster Girl group over on DA that I help run is holding a mascot contest!

I know a lot of you love designing Monster Girls and the prizes are pretty sweet, so give it a quick look if you like contests!

(I may enter myself, heh!)

Really glad everyone is still doing and still seems to be enjoying the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge! (Or boys, or both)

October is definitely a good month to do it!

Can’t wait to see all the Halloween art in the tags, and I hope everyone has an awesome October!

Just realized we hit over 17k followers!

Each and every time we hit a big milestone I am yet again blown away! Thank you all so much!

What got you into monster girls? I played monster girl quest myself I have a thing for lamia <3

When I was very young I used to read the books called, “The Encyclopedia of the Enchanted World” - I think they were sold on 80’s infomercials and I got them from my Dad.

A few were on mermaids, ghosts, dragons, and so much more! I’m pretty sure those are what started my love for them.

I started young. Monster love is in my blood.

We just officially hit 16,000 followers!

I’m still amazed every single time I see the follower count go up! Thank you all for your continued support!

Monster Girl love for everyone!

If I ever catch any of you removing the original pixiv or other source, I will block you from accessing this blog.

I know that there are some of you who do this and it is unacceptable.

Do not remove the source. Ever.

This is unacceptable behavior. (The source is not this blog either, it’s the link at the bottom left corner of every picture OR the Tumblr user I reblogged it from)

I put it as a click-thru and as the source for a reason, the artist needs and deserves credit. If I catch you purposefully removing a source from one of the images I posted I will assume that you hate all artists and don’t want them to succeed and that you should be blocked from this blog.

A strong thing to assume, but that is basically what you will be broadcasting to your followers.

And to those of you who don’t remove the source or later add it again when someone has removed it, thank you!

I was surfing DA this morning and found that someone had actually made a group for the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge? (It also includes boys)

Which is awesome! I’m always amazed at what I find across the internet that has sort of spawned from this blog!

Thanks for being awesome you guys- go check out this group if you’re posting your 30 Day Challenges on DA!

(There also seems to be a pretty strict policy on who can join and who can’t, so make sure you read the rules first.)

Hi I got question, the link for post post/5856050879 doesn't work anymore, i was wondering if there was another link or something?



PLEASE READ, you might be able to help

-My original post of my Cyclops girl HERE

-Posts on taobao with my stolen work here and here

Does anyone know how to report on taobao? If there’s a language I know nothing about is chinese. I know this is a site with sellers that often steal so someone has to know about this.

Not sure if that the fact they kept my signature pisses me off or not or just makes me laugh =P. I do know that people selling my artwork and specially my original artwork pisses me off greatly, specially since I sell this image on my own, I need no retailer thefts. I’m sure they don’t get that much money out of it, but it still a practice I hate and forbid on my own work. If you can spot someone’s work in these listings please let other people know, maybe we can team up or something

In this case not only me are affected but I was able to spot LooneyLolita and Wishcandy on tumblr here being stolen also.

Thanks to Milkydayy for letting me know about this, even though this has been around he stepped and told me, I appreciate it pal =)

Please note me or comment me if you know how to go about this on taobao, if it has a similar reporting system than ebay, if I can report in english? And most of all, please don’t buy this it would be disrespectful to us who got stolen just to get something that doesn’t change your life at all.

If you can help please do!

Thanks for reading.

perhaps one of my followers could be helpful? 

This might be a little late to reblog but I just noticed this and it doesn’t seem like the stolen art has been taken down yet so—

Can anyone help this amazing Gunkiss out?